Title: Voice Actress Required for Two Projects – Poetry Narration and Drama Serial

I have two great projects lined up – acting experience is not necessary but may be helpful.

one is for poetry narration and the other is for a 6 part series, you can audition for the first one and if you are good i will invite you to audition for the second one.

Auditions can be done by using your phone to record them and emailing them to me.
Depending on the quality of the recording, the final pieces can be completed via phone and enhanced by my post-production team.

The poetry is 6 x 30 minute pieces paid at 40 GBP per 30mins. It’s a great opportunity and it’s for a university thesis.

Please provide an email address for contact.

*To those who haven’t already done so, please include an email so I can contact you, thanks*

*please note, because of Starnows strict rules, if you don’t include an email with your application, i regret i wont be able to contact you to let you audition for the part*



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