Title: Voice Over Actor Needed for YouTube Documentaries

I’ve started creating original documentaries on YouTube. The subject’s of these documentaries are all around cinema and film history from biographies of filmmakers or a specific movie. I made a couple already using reading software, the obvious result is a very emotionless and dull voice-over but it convinced me that these could work. Check them out on the link supplied upon application.

Now obviously the films need proper voice over to give them a more human touch and make them easier to watch (and listen to). So I’m looking for someone who is looking to expand their show reel or gain more experience for voice over work to join me on this project. We would work remotely, I would send you the script and you would record yourself. I would then edit the final product. Of course you will be able to add ideas and thoughts to scripts and subjects for future documentaries.

For now the position is unpaid (I’m not profiting from this atm), but hopefully as the channel grows profit may be made from monetisation of the videos. At this point a percentage of the profits can be negotiated.

email any examples or clips of your VO work upon application.


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