Most people have had cancer touch their lives in some way – either themselves, a relative, a friend. I am happy to be helping Cancer Research UK find people for their Shine walk advert. The Shine walk is a night time walk through London and I am looking for some volunteers who fulfil the brief below. There will be a lot more people on the walk in this spot than those mentioned below however the director is trying to put across certain ideas hence we are being quite specific re the 5 people we are looking for. The walk is to be filmed for an advert for Shine Walk and will be shown online to promote the walk itself

You would not need to be present all night – you would only be needed for a few hours each and we would ensure the older or frailer volunteers would have a spot earlier in the evening

I am afraid that as this for charity and they are trying to raise money there is no payment but as this is an important charity whose research and help touches most of us in some way, hopefully you will still feel it is worthwhile to be involved

Please let us know with a couple of lines how Cancer has affected your life.

The filming of the Shine walk advert is to take place the night of Saturday 19th March 2016

We are looking for people who show the audience the effects of cancer eg hopeful, survivor, battling and loss. We want everything to feel real and natural. I am so sorry if any of the role descriptions come across as insensitive but we are trying to find certain specific characters. Obviously we are looking for people of any ethnicity

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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