Title: Vox Pop Interviewer @ Young Summer 2016 for Style Documentary/Brisbane

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Next Saturday night (19thMar), I will be conducting Vox Pop Interviews at Young Summer 2016/Oh Hello! to use as content for my documentary.
Therefore, I’m on the hunt for someone to take on the role of INTERVIEWER as I plan on being behind the camera.
If interested, Pm for info.
To give you a recap, below is a short synopsis of my documentary in the making.
Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself – Oscar De La Renta
There is so much sameness in style these days, i’m immediately taken by the presence of people that have the spunk to defeat criticism and this societal notion of sameness with their social armour … their individual style.
Social Armour/Stories of Style (working title) captures the becoming of three subjects individual styles and how their style constructs and expresses their self identity.



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