Wanted Females and Males of all ages (young and old). Ages from 17 to 80 years. All type of people and personalities are considered.

Maori / Samoan / Tongan / Niuean / Cook Islanders / European / Caucasian / Russian / Chinese / Koreans / French / Spanish / Africans / South African / African American / Any other Nationalities are considered.
All types of people. Experienced / Inexperienced and any type of new faces are considered for paid assignments and jobs.

For Paid-Opportunities in TV Commercials, Magazines, Catalogues, Films (Local & Foreign), TV Drama Series for TV Channels, Fashions Shows etc. Also for experienced actors & actresses, “Overseas Assignments” can be considered by smart-marketing & promoting them to international territories.
We represent our models & talents fully to secure opportunities for them.


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