As a former dance major now working full-time I didn’t dance very much in 2016… but that’s about to change. In college I used to love to choreograph and perform so for 2017 I decided I’m going to choreograph and dance as much as possible. I started by participating in a choreographer in NACHMOx where dancers and choreographers are randomly paired together and challenged to create a piece in on week. Most of my dancers were also former dance majors who now have full-time 9-5 jobs and decided to dance more in 2017. I had an amazing time during NACHMOx and am looking to do something similar before my next performance of new work on February 25th. 

If you’re interested please fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you by January 30th letting you know if you’re invited to join my cast. If you’re invited to dance in my piece I’ll also email you with links to my choreography so you can get to know me bit more before you decide if you’d like to participate.

Rehearsal times are listed in the google form and are all outside of normal working hours. This is your opportunity to dance more in 2017 in a welcoming space where work is created for you with the intention of you being comfortable and looking great on stage. Thanks for your interest!


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