***Listing updated 3rd March 2016***

Film students from DkIT are looking for a number of actors for the upcoming graduate short film The Script. Shooting is provisionally scheduled for the 8th, 9th, 10th and 14th of April. The roles are unpaid but travel expenses and catering will be provided.

The roles are:

• ERIC (Male, Mid 20s): Lead character. A homeless, unemployed young man who still has dreams but isn’t very hopeful about getting out of his situation. Fate steps in with an opportunity that builds his confidence.

• ELVIS (Male, Mid 50s): Lead character: Eric’s pal, a homeless former actor. Light-hearted and animated with a good sense of humour. He and Eric perform on the street together.

• JACK (Male, Mid 40s): Supporting role. A slick and charismatic theatre manager who approaches the two homeless men about their performance.

• MOTHER (Female, 70s): Supporting role. A mother who has recently lost her playwright son. She puts on a brave face but is heartbroken. We are looking for strong emotional responses.

***We have had a few casting sessions but due to many applicants living a long distance from us we have decided we would like to conduct any further auditions via Skype. Please email us at thescriptshortfilm@gmail.com so we can arrange a time that suits you.***


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