We are looking for new people to host weekly pub trivia shows in Perth.

You don’t need performance experience, or even care about trivia, you just need a bit of personality and the confidence to work the microphone in front of a crowd. We’ll train you to do the rest!

It pays $100 per show and we give successful applicants weekly shows at a venue that suits them. This job is awesome for anyone that wants to get paid for creative relief, hosting experience, socialising or being the centre of attention in a pub/bar environment.

It is the perfect job to have while studying, or a great way to get your performance fix when you are behind a desk all day. Some of our hosts have even found love while hosting (some multiple lovers). So if you think you can kick it on the microphone, then prove yourself at our auditions…


Sunday 6 March at 3pm. (Destination provided upon request)

Please apply for the audition. Please email joe@quizmeisters.com.au

To make it easier on yourself we would encourage you to view a Quiz Meisters show before you audition.


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