Local production is looking for actors for an exciting world premiere stage play about the gay rights movement. “The DOMA Diaries” has been accepted into this summer’s Capital Fringe Festival in Washington, DC. We’re looking for talented and motivated actors to fill out the six principle roles.


“The DOMA Diaries” tells the history of the (so-called) “Defense of Marriage Act,” and its (negative) impact on the LGBT community. It’s the story of three different LGBT couples and the ways in which they struggled over the years to overcome the obstacles that DOMA created in their lives. “The DOMA Diaries” captures the grand sweep of American history by depicting the lives of ordinary gay Americans, and how they eventually triumphed over DOMA.

“The DOMA Diaries” is performed in a highly fluid and expressionistic style, using props, costumes (and, at times puppets) to tell its story in a very creative and theatrical way. A cast of six actors will work as an ensemble to tell the story.

This is an exciting opportunity to:

1. Act in a world premiere play.
2. Participate in a piece of theatre about what is happening in our country today.
3. Use your talents in the cause of LGBT equality.
4. Work with a highly talented and creative team on a play where the story is told in a unique, expressionistic manner.
5. Play half a dozen different roles and truly stretch as a performer.

We’re still sorting out the pay situation. This is a low budget production. It’s our hope that our budget can include a small stipend for actors.

Note that “The DOMA Diaries” has over forty speaking roles. In addition to playing their primary role, each of the six actors will play six or seven minor characters, do some puppetry and play the occasional inanimate object.

THE WRITER/DIRECTOR: Kevin Michael West is a playwright, filmmaker, director and college professor. His LGBT-themed stage play “Top and Bottom” enjoyed successful runs in Los Angeles and Provincetown, MA. In 2007, it played at the New York International Fringe Festival, where it received rave reviews and was the most attended non-musical of that year’s festival. He also writes theatre reviews
THE LOCATION OF THE AUDITION: Rockville, Maryland. (Actors will be provided the address.) The play itself with perform in Washington, DC in July.

THE DAY: By appointment, Tuesday March 22 starting at 6pm. (If this time is impossible, please respond even so. It may be possible to set up a private audition on another day.) Additional dates and locations (including DC) will be added later.

Provide a headshot, resume and (if possible) online link of your past acting work. (This can be a formal acting reel. Or it can be a short film, clip or web series you acted in). Please indicate your union status. All races encouraged to apply. Play will rehearse in the late spring/early summer and then perform in DC in July.

Director will contact actors via email to set up an appointment. He will also provide actors will PDF copies of sides (and full script) via email in advance.


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