We are a Christian independent film company, casting for our Christian motion picture THE LAST MESSENGERS, which is targeted for theatrical release nationwide. It will be the first quality motion picture to show Christ’s coming, as well as the Biblical account of the events leading up to it, as seen through the eyes of a young atheist university student. While the film will appeal to Christians in particular, we believe that non-believing audiences will also cheer with its underlying themes of freedom of conscience and religious liberty. It may become the most talked about Christian film to date.

We’re seeking actors from Maryland and nearby states to audition with us, and we’re auditioning and rehearsing actors only in Laurel, Maryland, to soon shoot our trailer to attract funding. We can only offer experience and screen credit before we are funded. We are strictly a non-union production company, so we can only cast non-union actors and FiCore actors (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FiCore). This is not a church project and we are not paid or sponsored by any church. We’re an independent Christian film company, producing a major film, not a student film.

I invite you to apply with your headshot, and provide the city and state you reside.


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