This is a short film about something that happens to every person who is trying to develop in the creative arts. “Writer’s block”. Before I tell you the synopsis, I’ll let you know that this project is thoroughly planned but is more of a vanity project than anything else. It isn’t for a special reason of sorts, but it is for my personal enjoyment.

Now, the synopsis:

Andy is a young man trying to write a piece for a short film he has to debut at a amatuer film festival. He is posed with many problems and obviously the main problem is the fact that he can’t write anything with a hook. Luckily, his conscience is always trying to figure out ways for him to fix the problem. His conscience is (traditionally) split into the good conscience and bad conscience who always give him ideas on what to do, but whatever they say he seems to go deeper into his ‘Block’. Until he finds the ultimate solution… (you’ll find out more if you pursue this opportunity)

I’ve also written this in the perspective of a woman (Amanda) so there is an opportunity for both genders here.

Shooting and Audition dates are yet to be announced. But we are looking to do shooting around March/April time. That should give you a slight idea of potential audition and shoot dates.

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