Company: YY Dance Company
Compensation: Hourly rehearsal and performance compensation

Male dancer audition (invitation)

YYDC is looking for male dancer(s) for upcoming productions in Sep 2017. Audition will be held on Jan 31st from 10-12pm at 92Y Buttenwiser Hall (studio is available for warm up at 9:30am)

We are looking for committed male dancers with strong contemporary movement background, professional performance experience, and the ability to execute fluid and precise movement. We also emphasize on strong awareness and skills in adopting the YYDC style in both group and solo settings, as well as strong partnering knowledge.

Rehearsals start as soon as decisions are made. All considered auditionees must be available on Tuesday and Thursday between 11-4pm, rehearsals will take up a 3-4 hour block  within that time frame. Exact rehearsal time and locations are TBD. There will be a summer break in parts of June, July. Compensated rehearsal and paid performances plus social media exposure. *

Please send a short video and your resume to by Jan 20th for invitation.

*Dancers who terminate the performance agreement in the middle of the rehearsal duration will not receive payment and are responsible for reteaching repertory movements and coaching quality of movements to respective replacement. 


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