Title: Zombie Office Workers Required For Photo Shoot

Zombie Office Workers Photo Shoot

Hi, we’re shooting a fun but intensely creative shoot that merges chic office work with Zombie SFX/Prosthetics. We need a couple of models for this.

It is essentially self-promo work although I am willing to pay $50 for each person to help them out.

You MUST be comfortable sitting in a seat for 2 hours and having prosthetics applied to your face and skin. This is not for people with highly sensitive skin. Also, not recommended for models with acne as it can react with the prosthetic apparently.

We will be shooting in my studio for a couple of hours per model.

The styling will be contemporary office work and we’ll be doing a before zombie and after zombie part for each person.

The props will be setup to mock an office.

You’ll get all photos TFP in high-res digital retouched after the shoot..

Office Workers

you must be able to look at the camera and smile like you’re getting your photo taken for the office website! The shoot plays on the concept of ‘before and after photoshop retouching’ where the before is the Zombie and after is the non zombie.

so you need some basic posing experience, plus be comfortable behind the camera.

Any gender, aged 25 to 35 from New South Wales, Australia

  • Minimum Modeling experience:
    Beginner, starting out

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