Hello Starnow,

My name is Graham and I am a DOP / Video Journalist / Editor working at STV in Glasgow.
Over the last few years I have focussed on doc and TV entertainment work. In 2016 / 2017 I want to add more scripted dramatic work to my portfolio. This is not an STV project.

As such I am undertaking to make a number of short films in a variety of genres to build my dramatic portfolio, get back into the scripted workflow and of course, have some fun.

I will be shooting with some great kit, primarily a Sony FS7 camera, nice lighting, some great grip kit. I will be working along with some other technical folks I know, mostly in TV.

These shorts will be very short, feeling more like scenes rather than whole stories. Shoots will be maximum of 1 day and likely in just one location. I am aiming to keep the budget very low as these shorts will have no commercial outcome. As such I am advertising as unpaid and I’ll see what response I get.

I am hoping to meet some new actors, add to my experience and create some compelling material. Hopefully this will be ideal for applicants showreels and I hope the experience will be equally valuable.

The 1st of these films was a huge success, meeting all my goals and more. This will be the 2nd. It is extremely simple, set in one bar location in Glasgow. The date is still TBC but aiming for Sat 15th of Sun 16th on Nov. The role is a for a female actor who walks into a bar to find it in some disarray, walks to the bar and pours herself a drink. It’s that simple, but will take some time to shoot with the angles required.

Location in Glasgow, PLEASE ONLY APPLY IF LOCAL.

The shoot will likely last a few hours, maybe a half day. Shout be fun and professional and should yield a nice showreel shot for the actor involved.


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