This is an extremely early (and possibly first of MANY) listing for acting roles for my short film titled ‘Shadows and Mist’, set to begin late 2016 or early 2017.

This film is set in the 1940’s dockyards of Melbourne where a [series of] murder(s) occurs out of the blue. Everyone is a suspect but the authorities already have their sights set on the protagonist, Herman Wilson, due to his history of violent flashbacks. Determined to figure out who committed the crime, Herman sets out to solve the crime and prevent further murders from happening, all whilst struggling to control his episodes.

I require (at this point in time) three actors;
Side-note: you don’t have to be the age that I require, you just need to look the part. For example, I need a person who looks 30, but can actually be 20 years old.

Herman Wilson
Male, black rugged/messy hair (facial hair would be nice, but not essential)
30 years old
Stone-faced with a tough exterior, Herman oversees operations on Melbourne’s waterfront. He is a lonely man, with the only people he associates with are his workers, having scared his wife off years ago with his violent flashbacks from his Navy days. Not wanting more innocent lives to be lost, Herman makes it his mission to discover who killed his worker(s) and put them behind bars at any cost.

Lucy Brown
Female, medium to long blonde/brown hair
26 years old
Mysterious and sultry, Lucy Brown’s motives are unknown. Lucy appears to be keen to assist Herman but it appears she has an ulterior agenda on her mind.
Lucy proves herself to be a valuable asset to Herman as she is a woman who can handle herself in rough situations and is quite smart.

Floyd Blackstone
Male, neatly cropped or combed back blonde/black hair
32 years old
Tough, cynical and partially tyrannical, Floyd Blackstone is the chief homicide detective in Melbourne. He has very little tolerance to criminals and anyone causing trouble. Floyd and Herman have somewhat of a history together, detaining Herman multiple times after his flashbacks caused some bloodshed in the past. Intent on putting Herman behind bars for good, Floyd will scrounge up any evidence he can or even go as far as manipulate documents to get what he wants.

The bio’s and story are roughly what I want them to be, however, they will be subject to change as I progress with my story and re-evaluate key elements/motives.
If you are interested and patient enough, please respond with an attached photo corresponding to your character preference and/or contact details for screening. Also, if you have any suggestions to add to any character to make them better, I will happily take notes!
I hope to see you successful actors in the future!


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