Full 4K production kit for rent.

Sony PMW F5 Cine Alta Super 35mm 4K digital cinema camera
RED 18-50mm T3 PL zoom
RED 18-85mm T3 PL zoom
RED 50-150mm T3 PL zoom
Cooke 25-250mm T4 zoom
Sony 35mm, 50mm and 85mm T2 PL prime lenses
Sony 18-250mm T5.6 FZ zoom
2 x 64GB, 2 x 128GB SxS cards

4” Small HD follow focus on camera monitor
7” wireless HD field monitor
Matte box with 4×4, 4×5.65 and 4×6 filter holders
ND 0.6 IR Tiffen filter, TruPol Polariser
Hand held kit
Follow focus unit with speed crank and whip
Sachtler 150mm tripod, Miller 100mm Solo tripod
GlideGear dolly with 4m of track

Sound Devices 552 mixer / recorder with Ambient Lockit timecode slate
2 Sennheiser MKH 416 shotgun mikes with WRT 8P transmitters
Rycote windjammer and boom pole
2 x DPA 4071 and 2 x ECM 77 miniature lavalier mikes
2 x UTX B03, 2 x WRT 822 wireless mike transmitters
Wisycom MCR42 stereo receiver
Sony WRR862B stereo receiver
2 x Sony WRR855 mono receivers

1 2000w ArriLite
1 800w ArriLite
1 650w ArriLite
3 300w fresnel ArriLites
1 500w Lowell softlight
1 150w Lowell softlight
2 Dedolights with daylight or tungsten LED 12v lamps
1 1000 led daylight 12v panel
1 500 led daylight 12v panel
1 Litepanel camera daylight / tungsten 12v light
2 6ft x 6ft scrim frames with 1.5 stop full silk

5 x UHF walkie talkies

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


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