Title: 6-7 People with different hair colours, tattoos required for a Documentary

We need 6-7 people overall from different ethnic background like caucasians, africans, asians, arabs etc. For a speaking role.

Also people with coloured hair (like red, pink, blue, green, multicolour etc).

Also people with coloured tattoos (on arms, legs etc) that are visible or can be shown easily.

This is a small gig for a documentary of which few politicians, officials, officers, news readers, sports people etc are part of as an interviewees.

However, this is an UNPAID gig and no sort of remuneration or expenses are to be expected.

Anyone who meets the above criteria (looks) and is interested in part of this is more than welcome. We are not necessarily looking for actors or someone with acting experience or ability. Just common people delivering natural responses thats all!

Thankyou for taking time to read through. Please pass it on to your mates if you think anyone fits criteria.

All the best with all your acting endeavours.

Please try and attach your current look pic and tattoos as well if possible.


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