A short 6 – 8 minute horror thriller where Lottie, the protagonist’s sister goes missing and Tom, the protagonist, tries to find her only to discover she has been consumed by a paranormal entity.

Short description:
we begin the story at Lottie’s house. We arrive there whilst Tom is on the phone to his mother who his worried about the sister because she hasnt contacted them in a while. Tom reassures her and goes to check on Lottie, however she does not answer. Tom finds a spare key and once inside he finds the house in a mess with research into the paranormal world scattered around the room. He discovered Lottie has been looking into a number of dissapearances that have happened in the local forest.

Tom dismisses it at first, but after he leaves the house and gets in his car the radio glitches out telling him to come to the forest. Suddenly we hear Lotties voice through the radio – this is his call to action. After arriving at the forest, Tom finds Lottie’s car and her voice recorder which reveals that she found one of the missing people and something has changed about them. She then sounds like she is getting attacked. Tom grabs his flashlight and runs into the forest. After searching for what seems like hours he comes across Lottie who is pale and scarred. He attemps to take her to the car, oblivious to what she has become. Tom and Lottie are sitting in the car when Lottie proceeds to “consumes him.”

we are looking for a male between the ages of 20-30 and a female of the same age group. Preferably the male would need to drive but if you can’t please don’t hesitate to apply as we can work around this.

The shoot will be next week depending on the applicants availiabilty. We get we would like to shoot between the Tuesday the 19th of April and the Friday the 22nd of April. we would only need you for two days unless we need to do reshoots (which is unlikely)

Because of the short notice we are giving there will not be any auditions taking place but we would like to see a photo and maybe a showreel is possible – once again, please do not hesistate to apply if you do not have one.

The film will have three main locations:
– House
– Car
– New Forest in Hamphire.

We shall provide travel and, if we are filming for long periods in the day, we shall provide you with food.

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