The project is as part of our 2nd year University studies. The working title of our film is ‘The Ironic Case of the Unheard Genius’. We are currently working on the script. This short film is about The Professor, a man who discovers the cure for a disease called Sporadic Fatal Insomnia (SFI). All the while he starts developing the disease himself. In the end The Professor ends up passing away as a result of the disease progressing. It is left to the audience to decide whether he did actually find the cure or whether his mind was lost to this fatal illness before he could make this ground breaking discovery.

We are looking for an actor to play the role of The Professor, he is a very hard working man who has spent most of his life alone in his study researching this disease trying to find a cure. He is a loner type, but enjoys the occasional interaction with his colleagues and his students.

We will be holding the auditions on the 30th and 31st of March.

The shooting dates are the 9th and 10th of April 2016.

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The Professor

The Professor is a loner. His life is his work, without it he is nothing. He is a very organised man, one who follows routine and order. He enjoys the occasional encounter with his colleagues and loves to laugh and smile. He is also a very keen teacher who’d drive is to pass on his knowledge to young bright minds. Over time as his illness progresses he becomes an introvert, he never opens the curtains to his office and he rarely goes out to the university.

Males, aged 30 to 99 from London, United Kingdom

  • Minimum Acting experience:

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