van gogh

Location: Los Angeles, California

Type: Theater

You mighty have learned about Van Gogh and his precious paintings, but this production sets out to tell his entire tale.  Van Gogh was a Dutch painter whose paintings have been appreciated long after his death. His famous paintings include ‘The Starry Night’, ‘Portrait of Dr. Gachet’ and ‘The Potato Eaters’. A theatre play titled ‘Vincent Deconstructed’ will be hosted in Son of Semele Theater, Los Angeles and will revolve around the various life events of this eminent painter.


Character 1

Character Name: Vincent Van Gogh

Role: Lead Role

Age: 30’s to 40’s

The casting team is looking for a middle aged man with red or blond hair to play the role of Vincent Van Gogh. Resemblance to Van Gogh will be a huge plus point. An ideal candidate will be able to speak or willing to learn the Dutch accent. The actor will be playing the role of this famous painter who struggled to keep himself away from insanity by putting painting and his life behind.

Character 2

Character Name: Giancarlo Moretti

Role Type: Supporting Role

Age: 30’s to 50’s

For playing the role of Giancarlo Moretti (an Italian friend of Van Gogh who was a dockworker), the casting team is looking for a dark skinned man who is also physically dexterous. The character would be required to play a role of a happy and cheerful man.

Character 3

Character Name: Vidal Rolland

Role Type: Supporting Role

Age: 40’s to 60’s

The shortlisted candidate for this role would be playing the role of Vidal Rolland, who was a French dockworker in Van Gogh’s time. Rolland was a withdrawn and sensitive person.

Auditions for the above mentioned roles would be held in Los Angeles at Son of Semele Theatre. For all those interested in this opportunity are requested to email their personal details at For an appointment for audition do not disturb the theatre’s management simply mail us at the aforementioned email address. The auditions are scheduled to be held on three different days.


The sides and script for the auditions will be provided on the spot. The rehearsal of the shortlisted candidates will be held three times per week from April 27th to May 27th. A full tech rehearsal is scheduled for May 28th while the dressed up rehearsal is scheduled for June 3, 2016.

The press preview will be held on the 4th day of June. The opening night of the theatre play ‘Vincent Deconstructed’ is decided to be on 9th June. The Theatre play will be held eight times till 26th June in the city of Los Angeles.

All the actors in this theatre play will be paid for their services. For more information please visit


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