Title: Actors Required for Innovative Theatre Production

“Where the Hell is Frankie Starr??”

Audition details:
• Audition applications accepted until Friday April 18th.
• Auditions will be held on the evening of April 25th 2016
• Venue – Newtown

Audition requirements:
• Please send resume and headshot upon application including the character/s you wish to audition for.
You will be advised if you are successful in your application and an audition time will be allocated to you.
Production dates:
• Rehearsals will be between August 15th and September 17th (mostly during the day, some nights and weekends to be negotiated around other commitments actors have)
• Performance dates are September 22th, 23rd, 24th (matinee and night show) and 25th.
• A nominal payment for actors will be included, as this is a partially funded and a premiere production at this time.
This is a raw, edgy and powerful story about Frankie Starr – the next big thing in the music industry. A pianist that tells stories without words; she has very strong and dedicated fans who she adores. She has just been sponsored for a tour around Europe – her dream……but then suddenly she disappears from the spotlight. Where the Hell is Frankie Starr?, is the story of the fall and rise of the next big thing.

Using an immersive theatre experience, this is a new work written by BillieRose Cachia (who will be playing Frankie Starr). BillieRose graduated from 16th St Studios part time program in 2012 and is currently a professional actor with stage and onscreen experience. This is her debut of Where the Hell is Frankie Starr? which will be toured with prospects of turning this moving story into a full length feature film.

Our director is Kirsty Reilly with over 26 years in the industry. Ten of those were directing and teaching at NIDA, VCA, and also creating new works at 16th Street Acting Studios. She has also spent time in Europe teaching and creating movement based theatre.


Frankie Starr is a concert pianist. Not the kind we’re all used to though. She’s almost like a rock star. She has elaborate costumes and meaningful stories which are there to make a statement. She is very cutting edge and progressive and there is, just simply, no one like her.

The play begins with Frankie at the highest point of her career. She has just finished a sold out show, has a ton of fan mail, and some top notch producers have just offered to sponsor her on a tour around Europe – her dream. She then begins to work very hard, rehearsing day and night in preparation for the tour, and in the process develops Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). After spending a lot of money, and consulting every type of doctor imaginable, she is still left with this mysterious injury. She cannot play for any period of time, and, her tour is cancelled with no hope of the producers ever putting their money into her again due to her being a “risk” because of her injury.

The story continues, taking us through the journey of Frankie’s struggle. Once she realises her fate, she does all she can to avoid the pain of dealing with it – drinking and smoking constantly, destructive behaviour, sex, drugs, pushing her sister away, refusing to be helped, shutting the world away and sabotaging the few relationships that she has. She becomes overwhelmingly depressed, lost and suicidal.

Then Andy appears. A young man who wants to be taught piano by Frankie. After being refused, Andy determined, sits out in the cold overnight on her doorstep. He says something, which Frankie, though reluctant….. is finally compelled to open the door. This is where their relationship begins. After a rough start, Frankie takes Andy on a journey. By revealing the way to let the music speak for him, unexpectedly, Frankie discovers through Andy, that maybe there is another purpose for her: maybe even a greater purpose awaits her…… if she lets it.


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