Title: Actress Required for Supporting Role in Arthouse Horror Filming Soon


Three sisters Evelyn, Enya and Ellen carry their ailing sister Elizabeth into a church to have the priest perform a miracle on her. The priest cannot
resuscitate her and she dies at his feet. The funeral takes place and the sisters confront the priest. The sisters are lured into the wood and come across a
witches house. She gives them a book to resurrect Elizabeth. They perform the ritual but instead summon a demon – the witches plan all along.
The priest collapses in his church sensing the disturbance. He has a demonic vision on the three girls conforming to the devil.
The priest visits them. The demon communicates through Ellen to the priest that he will kill them one by one till
nightfall. Ellen is then dispatched with when the demon is done talking. The girls tell the priest this all started with
a book the witch in the woods gave her. Furious the priest takes the girls to the witches house where he confronts her
as to how to reverse the curse. She tries to seduce him but she is subdued and tells him they must perform another ritual to entrap the demon in a
vessel. The priest goes to the scarecrow by the church and performs the ritual. The demon in the form of the scarecrow
lashes out and kills Evelyn leaving only the Priest and Enya. Fuming the priest ignites a torch and burns the
scarecrow. The demon then exists the vessel and takes hold of the Priest. The Priest turns around with evil intent. Enya
braces herself to attack him when the Priest conflicts with the demon, and the Priest endures stabbing himself. Enya
sits at his side and the Priest sees her other sisters looking down at him behind her, all garbed in white.

Filming will take place outside of London in High Wycombe and Aylesbury from the date April 8 through to April 14. You will not be required for all this time but are expected to be available for the majority of dates.

Expenses will be provided.

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The Witch

The Witch role is an exciting one. Gothic, beautiful and alluring. The actress must be well suited to a role that will require her to be beautiful, but deadly, seductive and dangerous.

Females, aged 23 to 40 from London, United Kingdom

  • Minimum Acting experience:
    No previous acting experience

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