Casting directors are looking for extras to play office workers and construction workers.


The show is about an intelligence officer named John Tavner’s and his latest assignment to prevent Iran from going nuclear.  He deals with PTSD from a fighting in war, and it is tough to deal with, but he manages.  It is a show about dealing with his condition while working a high security level job.


Shoot Dates: Filming will begin on June 2nd and continue through the end of September. You must be available to work in this role through the end of September to be considered.
1) JOHN STAND-IN: Caucasian Male, light brown/dark blonde hair, facial hair/goatee (willing to grow one if needed).
Actor: Michael Dorman.
Ages: 25-35.
Height: 5’10”- 6’0″
Weight: 165
Photo reference attached.

2) TOM STAND-IN: Caucasian Male, bald, facial hair/goatee (or willing to grow one, if needed).
Actor: Terry O’Quinn.
Ages: 50-65.
Height: 5’11”- 6’1″.
Weight: 195.
Photo reference attached.

3) EDWARD STAND-IN: Caucasian Male, dark blonde hair.
Actor: Michael Chernus.
Ages: 25-38.
Height: 5’9″- 5’11”.
Weight: 165.
Photo reference attached.

4) ALICE STAND-IN: Caucasian female, brown hair.
Actress: Kathleen Munroe.
Ages: 25-35.
Height: 5’5- 5’7.
Weight: 110.
Photo reference attached.

5) LESLIE STAND-IN: Caucasian Male, balding, receded hairline.
Actor: Kurtwood Smith.
Ages: 50-65.
Height: 6’0″- 6’2″.
Weight: 170.
Photo reference attached.

6) AGATHE STAND-IN: Caucasian Female, blonde hair.
Actor: Aliette Opheim.
Ages: 28-38.
Height: 5’4″- 5’6″.
Weight: 125.
Photo reference attached.

If interested and available, please submit:

1) Put the name of the STAND-IN in the subject line.

2) Include your name, age, height, weight, phone number, zip code and email address. We also need your sizes:


Shirt Neck/Sleeve:
Pants Waist/Length:

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