Title: Apple iPhone Commercial Seeking Models & Actors
Date: 8 September 2016 | 2:24 pm
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Auditions for iPhone Commercial

Would you be lost without your iPhone? If it is your connection to everything and you wouldn’t know what to do without it, Apple wants you to be in their new commercial! Jigsaw Casting is holding auditions for Apple’s upcoming iPhone commercial. Men and women who own and love their iPhone who live in Canada are now being cast.

About iPhone

Described as the world’s most powerful device, iPhones have grown into the most popular phone device in the world. The commercial pays $2500.00 per individual that is selected. The iPhone commercial will be filming on Monday, September 15th through the 28th. It will only be filming for one day only in your city. Is your iPhone your lifeline for work or play? If so, then Apple wants to hear from you!

What They Are Looking For

The casting team looking for adults across Canada to tell us about a day in the life of you & your iPhone. Tell them all about how & why you use your iPhone and you could be featured in an upcoming campaign!

Men and Women

Own and iPhone and use it for everything

Those that are being considered will be contacted for a Skype interview

Live in Canada

You must be available for these key dates: Shoot: September 14th-28th (1 day only in your city)

How to Apply

If interested, you must submit in order to be considered. Please e-mail the following to: info@jigsawcasting.com

1. Your name, age and what city you live in.

2. Tell us about yourself! We want to hear about what you do for a living, your hobbies and most importantly why/how your iPhone is your lifeline.

3. Please share with us your wireless provider and what model of iPhone you use.

4. Photo(s) of yourself (Where we can clearly see your face. Ideally no hats or sunglasses)

5. Your primary contact information (phone number & email address) *If you are a represented actor, please include your resume & agent’s contact information

6. Please write ‘PROJECT SUNFLOWER’ in subject line of e-mail, along with your name and age. (E.G. PROJECT SUNFLOWER- Jacob Brown- age 30)

Submissions are due by: Monday, September 12th at 9am (However the earlier you submit the better your chances!)



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