We are looking for a couple to appear on Television together. Like with most relationships there are ups and downs, but do you have a story to tell of when you were on a break? Like the famous ‘Friends’ line; we are searching for the real life Rachel and Ross.

Have you been on a break and done something you shouldn’t have? We want you to share your story on our pre-recorded day-time talk show. All applicants are welcome, this is an opportunity to be on TV and again instant exposure within the month. So if you are looking for experience in reality TV and something NEW to put on your show reel, get in touch!

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a couple to be a day-time talk show

Are you and your partner willing to be on TV together to share your story? Are you the real life ‘Rachel and Ross’, with the charisma and energy to share how you made it through a break in your relationship?

Any gender, aged 18 to 50 from London, United Kingdom

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