Audition : Short Film “Hidden” Seeking Actors Auditions for 2018

Short Film Hidden Seeking ActorsDo you want to be in an actor? Are you looking for an acting audition to sign up for in 2018? An upcoming short film is now casting men, women and children. Casting directors are looking for people local to the Atlanta, Georgia area. Filming will be taking place from December 2018 through January 2019. This audition is for non-union actors. There are roles for teenagers and kids in this casting call. In addition to lead roles the team is also looking for extras.

The film is about Alicia, who is a mother who fell a victim of unfortunate circumstances and became homeless. She goes through many struggles with her kids. The family eventually finds help, returns to living a better life and pays it forward by helping the ones in need.

View the 2018 acting casting call information below!

2018 Movie Casting Call Below

We’re casting several roles for our upcoming no-budget short film “Hidden” directed by Irina Hall. The production will take place in December, 2018 through January 2019 on locations around Gwinnett and Cherokee counties, GA.

We’re looking for NON-UNION actors only.

All submissions must be made before December 7, 2018.


MICHAEL – 5-7 – Male, Caucasian, Son of the lead character
NEIGHBOR – 45-65, Female, Any ethnicity
PIZZA SHOP MANAGER – 30-45, Male, Any ethnicity
HOTEL RECEPTIONIST – 20-35, Male or Female, Any ethnicity
OFFICE JOB EMPLOYER – 45-55, Male or Female, Any ethnicity
PIZZA SHOP WORKER #1 – 16-30, Male, Any ethnicity
PIZZA SHOP WORKER #2 – 16-30, Female, Any ethnicity
OFFICE WORKER #1 – 25-60, Male, Any ethnicity
OFFICE WORKER #2 – 25-60, Male or Female, Any ethnicity
HOMELESS STREET BEGAR – 45-70, Male, African American or Any ethnicity

PIZZA SHOP VISITORS – Any age, Males and Females, Any ethnicities. Casual attire. 5-10 people as groups of friends, couples, families or singles to portray visitors at a pizza shop.
OFFICE CO-WORKERS – 20-65, Males and Females, Any ethnicities. Business casual attire. 5-10 people to portray office co-workers welcoming a new colleague into their team.

By working on this production, actors agree that no compensation will be provided for their participation due to its no-budget nature. The actors will be provided an appropriate film credit and a copy of the film to use in their reel.

Please submit you headshot, resume, and availability and conflicts schedule for December-January to


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