Title: AUDITIONS for UNCSA SHORT FILM – “The Patient” Winston Salem, NC
Date: 19 November 2016 | 9:51 pm


UNCSA Short Film – The Patient
Shooting dates – January 28-30th.
Looking for potential actors for these 3 roles.

DR. Whitmoore: Male, Early-Mid 40’s, Caucasian A closeted doctor working to cure his patients and himself of his homosexuality. Dr. Whitmoore is trapped in the American Dream, yet finds a potential out of his false lifestyle in his newest patient: a homosexual male proud of who he is. Whitmoore forges a connection with his patient, Admiring his candor and confidence, knowing that is who he wants to be. Confronting growing suspicions in his home and work life due to their relationship, Whitmoore is faced with the choice of saving himself and performing a lobotomy on his hero or freeing himself and The Patient.

The Patient: Male, Early-Mid 20’s, African-American Gay and black, The Patient is a member of the lowest rung of society in 1960’s America. Court ordered to Whitmoore’s state hospital, The Patient rebels against many of the treatments imposed upon him by the hospital staff yet he trusts Whitmoore’s gentleness. The Patient puts his faith in Whitmoore as his doctor and believes he will get him discharged from the hospital, despite not caring about being cured. As the many intensive treatments weigh on him The Patient dulls, but never loses his spark.

DR. Samuels: Male, Mid-Late 50’s, Caucasian Old-fashioned even for the time Samuels is only concerned with treating patients as quickly as possible. Samuels sees the patients in his hospital as less than human, and treats them as such. Dogmatic and intelligent, he keeps a sharp eye on his subordinates ensuring procedure and his rules are followed.

If interested in auditioning for any of these roles, Email thepatientfilm@gmail.com For further details about upcoming auditions.
A headshot and/or resume would be welcome.


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