We need an experienced DOP for weekend filming in April. Our DOP has had to withdraw due to an overseas engagement. We will be filming in actual medical facilities for the interior scenes so filming will be done in weekends with exception of one day in a studio with green screen on Wednesday 20th April. Camera and grip gear can be provided by us or hired.

Predictability is a 25 min medical fiction about an eminent scientist who has found a way to peep into the future for a brief few seconds at random future dates. Volunteers offer themselves as guinea pigs for his research however some of them have life changing experiences as a result and wish they had never taken part.

The film will be Directed by Danny Phillips who won the following awards for his last film Life is for Living: Best International Short film – BBFF -Bare Bones Film Festival Oklahoma, Audience Choice Award for Best Short Film – BBFF -Bare Bones Film Festival Oklahoma, International Award of Outstanding Excellence – IFFEHC – Jakarta, Golden World Award – World Film Awards Winner of best Kiwi Short film – Kiwi International Film Festival 2015 – New Zealand, International Filmmaker of the Year Award – Filmmakers of the Year Film Festival – Indonesia.

The cast incudes two big names stars taking the male and female leads.

Likely number of days to film is 6 or 7. First scheduled shoot day is Sat 2nd April.

The film is on a micro budget. There is no funding, however a gratuity of $100.00 per day to cover incidental expenses i.e. phone and transport. All other expenses will be covered.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


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