A new movie starring Daniel Radcliffe’s called, Beast of Burden is now casting actors, models, and talent in Georgia. Casting directors are looking for actors to play military personnel, firefighters, and paramedics for a new scene.


Daniel Radcliffe will star in indie film, Beast of Burden, playing a drug-smuggling pilot. Swedish filmmaker Jesper Ganslandt will make his English-language debut with this movie.  The film is about a criminal running drugs across the border while dodging the DEA, Mexican cartel, and police.  Radcliffe has recently appeared in several different movies.  He was known for his role as Harry Potter, but after that series ended he took his career to new heights.  In the last five years he has starred in Imperium, Horns, and Swiss Army Man.  All three of these movies were lower budget but critically acclaimed.


Roles: Extras

Specifics: Military personnel, firefighters, and paramedics

Extras will perform in various scenes as background extras in a police chase and drug bust scene.

Audition dates: December 4th 2016

Filming dates: December 2016 – March 2017.

This is a great opportunity to act in a feature film with famous actors, directors, and producers.  Not only will you be paid for your work, you will gain valuable experience that you can take with you for future roles.  Every actor starts somewhere, so why not start as an extra with some of your favorite actors?  Apply as soon as possible so you don’t miss your chance.


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