Title: Beginner Videographer/Photgrapher

My name is Matthew Berto and I am a Writer/Director from Melbourne and I am currently filming for my new feature film “Butterfly In A Bell Jar”
I have been making films for the last 6 years and I have founded my own Production Company called “MVP Video Productions”.

The story centers around a shy girl named “River” who is kidnapped and is held captive in a shed for over a decade where she must learn to stand up for herself if she is ever going to win her freedom back.

Anyway, we’re looking for One Photographer and One Videographer who would like to join our crew and film and capture the behind the scenes action!

We’re looking for any students or beginners in the industry who want to network and learn their craft. We will provide food, drinks and merchandise.
The photographer will have creative control to manipulate any or all images and will get to keep all copyright to their images.
The Videographer will have creative control to film and edit any and all footage they can capture and you will also get to keep all the copyright to their work.

We unfortunately don’t have extra equipment so the you must provide your own but we don’t care what you use.
We don’t care how you do your thing we just want something to show our audience,
We want to share your photos and videos with our audience on our website and facebook pages.

Unfortunately we can’t afford to pay you but it’s a good opportunity for a student or beginner trying to get a start. Plus you will get credits on every photo and video, great networking opportunities and maybe even future paid work.

We are predominately filming on Sundays from May to September but we only require you there for 6-7 days. Below are the dates we would love for you to come down and document it all.
Sunday May 8 (Location: Brunswick)
Sunday June 12 (Location: Brunswick)
Sunday July 24 (Location: Brunswick)
Sunday August 7 (Location: Brunswick)
Sunday September 11 (Location: St Albans)

If you can’t make a couple of these dates then it’s no biggie but it would be cool if you could make them all.

The right applicants doesn’t have to be skilled just enthusiastic, reliable and awesome.
If you have an online portfolio even better if not don’t stress.
ALSO, if you have a camera than can do both FILM and PHOTOGRAPH and you think you can do both then we would consider you first.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


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