Space Tourist Films are producing a music video for independent singer/songwriter Eldafyre.

The shoot will take place in a bar in the city (Melbourne) on Monday 24th & Tuesday 25th October, 8.00am-6.30pm

We’re looking for a Behind-The-Scenes Videographer to come along for a few hours each day and create a ‘Making Of’.

The concept for the video is dark and mystical, set in an alternate underground world, where alien, human and animal hybrids cohabitate and gender lines are sometimes blurred. It’s a conceptual piece and will involve lots of strange and colourful characters, with some wacky costumes, hair and makeup and prosthetic masks, shooting in a very atmospheric bar. Lot’s of visual interest.

This is a low-budget independent production, and unfortunately we don’t have a budget to pay for a behind-the-scenes, but if anyone is interested in getting experience and material for their showreel, we can guarantee a fun experience with a great crew and provide a yummy lunch!


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