Title: Blood of the Mummy Casting for Louise. Raleigh, NC
Date: 31 May 2017 9:58 pm

Blood of the Mummy Casting for Louise. Raleigh, NC

Casting for the lead role in our upcoming film Blood of the Mummy.

Louise is early twenties, Caucasian, dark hair, dark eyes, she’s been raised in foster care after her parents were killed during a dig in Egypt.

She is haunted by a mummy who shows up at various points in her life to kill anyone that is a threat to her.

She is the reincarnation of an Egyptian princess but doesn’t realize it.

Much of the film takes place in a mental institution which is where she ends up after he last encounter with the mummy.


Actress must be local to the Raleigh Durham area and available to shoot 2 to 3 weekends per month for the next 6 months.

Shooting begins the end of August.

This is a payment deferred production.


Please contact the director Christine Parker for sides and a video audition. sickchickflicks@gmail.com


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