Title: Calling for Indian Native Voice Over for an Architectural Fiction Film

The Project is a student architectural fiction film as part of a master of architecture course – about 8 minutes long.

No previous voice over work is necessary.
We just expect you to be native and to read a script fluently and confidently.

If interested, please send through samples? You will be remunerated with beer/wine and dinner for your help! 🙂

Eternal Everything

Today we consume the world through images of the newer and cheaper. Ever faster seasons accelerated by the ephemeral desires, dehumanised, cheap labour; printers are designed to self terminate at engineered print counts; things are made to break, not to last. Yet on the news is Jennifer’s T-shirt from her childhood, travelled 11,840 Kilometers across the Earth, now on a child in Kenya, 20 years after it’s thrown away: Fleeting consumption displace stories, despatialise landscapes.

Eternal Everything is a counter factural world where built-in obsolescence never existed. A possible cure to the contemporary nostalgia, which, according to Svetlana Boym is not so much about the past but the varnishing present: a world where things last forever:

An auction house sold the first t-shirt made in months; a coffee cup that has been recasted a hundred times; a phonograph player, now engineered to play spotify; an empty room, only affordable by the wealthiest; a back to the future poster, embedded deep in the wall of an apartment; a table like chimera, telling stories of the owners family; a tag that tell the stories of its maker; a national park that celebrate obsolescence; a new specie of cotton.

A Quinquennial festival that praise the rare chance of throwing away,

In a village that spans over 83 kilometers.

A world describe in found footages of objects, overheard conversations and multiple narratives. A portrait of a city, where the new was never abused, where the criticality towards the obsolete and the new is reimagined.


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