Improv sessions is a unique and rewarding web series that offers filmmakers the opportunity to experiment with different styles of filmmaking as each episode tells a different story. It involves working with new actors on a weekly basis and collaborating to make each story as effective as possible. Looking for a passionate camera operator to collaborate with on a project that now has over 95 episodes and counting. Looking for someone with the same degree of passion and dedication as join our team as we move into season 2 (commencing after episode 100).

The series is spontaneous and each shooting day is incredibly different to the last. The basis of the stories is to come up with a simple idea for the story and an ending so it has somewhere to go then we roll camera. Its an excellent way of getting your work out there without wasting time, learning on the go and advancing yourself in an industry that is constantly changing. Most improvs last between 4 – 8 minutes and are usually minimalist focusing on the characters. Would love you to bring your own ideas and skills to the table and experiment in a way that helps you. We aren’t doing it for money or any other reason beyond the love of creating characters and stories and would love to share that with more people. The popularity and production values have been steadily increasing with time and with your help things can only get better. If you have any questions at all feel free to ask.



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