Hi. I am looking for a camera man/woman with own camera, for my next short film trailer, only for one day, maybe two.

The story is about a guy,’DEAN, who is addicted guy and owes a lot of money to Scott — and as he is not working, he cannot pay the money back. Scott cannot wait any longer for Dean to pay his , and begins to blackmail him.
The first mission is when Scott asks Dean to kill someone for him.
Dean feels lost and of course he doesn’t want to accept the job, firstly because he feels ne is not a killer. However, later he has no choice, and accepts his first mission.
After killing his first victim, Dean realises there is no way back. Scott will continue to give him more and more until…………when he begins to realise…….

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Camera man/woman

Well, I am looking for a professional cameraman/woman, preferable with own camera and sound equipment if possible. Please, when reply, just let me know which camera do you have etc.

Anyone from United Kingdom

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Make up artist to volunteer

I am looking for someone with some relative experience, but not essential… so if you have any short film, music video or, model experience, please feel free to reply. It’s only one day filming with possibiliteis for two. You will get credit on this trailer, recognation on our page on facebook, IMDB, and we might also call you when we decide to do the film. We provide you with make up stuffs and at the end of filming we offer you £40. Reply to know more please

Anyone from United Kingdom

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