Casting 3 dancers for an artist film to be shot in early May 2016

I am an experienced video artist working on my first extended film.

This short film will be created with a small selection of performers in a secure indoor location in Dublin. The film will include 3 different performer taking part in simple dance movement. The film will respond to the questions: Why do we move the way we do? And who owns our gestures?

There will be very little or no dialogue in the film.

In order to cast I’ll either hold an informal small audition. If you prefer I can meet up with you, I am located in Dublin so I am flexible with time. Sending showreels or links to previous work would also be helpful if possible.

I can provide links to my previous work to anyone who applies.

Schedule: I envision needing each person for between 1 and 5 days, depending on what role you end up taking. The current aim for shooting is the week beginning the 2nd of May. Shooting will take place between 830am and 5pm and I can work around your schedule within these hours if needs be.

Unfortunately there’s no pay for the performers but food and transport costs will be provided. I can also provide you with and high quality footage for showreels, etc.

If you’ve any questions please do contact me on application.


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