About the Docu-Series

Baby boomers (born following the Second World War), the generation X (born between early 1960’s – mid 70’s) and the Millennials (born in late 1980’s to early 2000’s); all are invited on one platform for the series for a cable network.

The leading television production is aimed at discovering the various and vast differences as well as the similarities in the three part documentary. The documentary series will shed light in a lighthearted manner on the gaps between the generation, their thoughts and ideas and ways of life. Though the total difference might not be startling between the three generations, there have been some mighty developments with respect to societal norms and technological advancements which have created the differences.


Do you think the difference between baby boomers, generation X and millennial has influenced the American culture?

About the Application

  • The directors of the docu-series are looking for dynamic and energetic people with diverse backgrounds and ethnicities all coming forth with their distinctive voices and ideas along with a good sense of humor, to the show. If you think you can be open and honest about your experiences pertaining to the theme and you have had some good lighthearted experiences you’d like to share, apply to be a part of the docu-series.
  • The details to be submitted are:
  • Your legal name
  • Age
  • Date of birth
  • City or state of residence
  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • Occupation
  • Recent photographs (clear, frontal and good lit pictures)
  • A brief description about yourself
  • A brief description about why do you think your generation is the best (back your answer with sound logic and reasoning)
  • The filming will take place in the Los Angeles area, apply only if you are a local or in a radius of 50 miles since commute won’t be offered for the shoot.
  • The filming will be for 2-3 days and availability needs to be confirmed in your email.
  • Send in your entries last by September 29th 2016
  • Email address:

Do not miss out the chance to be a part of an out of the box idea and an interesting docu-series.



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