The popular show ‘Mr. Robot’ has now been scheduled for a second season where they are now looking for actors, models and talents to cast for their scenes. The show is about a young and antisocial computer programmer whose name is Elliot Alderson, living in New York City.

Elliot works as a cyber security engineer during his days, and turns into a vigilante hacker at night. He is recruited by an underground groups mysterious head of hackers and joins their organization. Elliot has to bring down the corporate world of America and works for a corporation that he has the burger to take down because he believes they are ruining the world. The casting crew is now looking for suitable people to be a part of the second season of this show.

The casting crew is now looking for actors, models and talents who are willing to play extras for a flea market shopper’s scene.

Role – Shoppers in Flea Market

  • Producers are looking for both men and women for this role, they must be between the ages of 18 and 65 years old
  • Actors can be of any ethnicity
  • Actors must be Non Union people
  • The shoot can go on till overnight and will start sometime in the afternoon
  • Your email should include your name, your union status, your phone number, current photos of yourself (selfies will also be accepted), mention if you have previously worked on this show before and what your role was, mention if you are comfortable around dogs and if you own one or not, mention and show in photos if you have any visible tattoos, mention if you are comfortable with working overnight
  • Make sure to add ‘FB Avail 7/15’ in your subject line in your email submission
  • If you have already worked on the show before in the year of 2016, please do not apply, you will not be considered
  • You must have a valid and unexpired ID to fill out I-9 Form and get paid
  • Payment rate is $100 per every 10 hours
  • If you are not a local citizen, please do not apply as you will not be considered for the roles

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.


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