About ‘Unintelligent Life’

Written by Michael Moore and directed by Tanner Methven, the movie ‘Unintelligent Life’ is a production of Meredith Bryant.

The movie is a one of its kind project being filmed in Wilmington, NC. The plot revolves around a set of friends.  The major funding of the film is for the complex sets of the project (two houses, a tattoo parlor and a pawn shop). The story is about two friends who aren’t too brainy, but they get their way out of complicated situations together.

The story is complex and is based on relationships and how the two main characters shift with complicated situations.  No matter how close someone may be to you, friendships can shift and turn when situations arise.

About The Roles

Following are the lead roles for which immediate cast are required:

  1. Lead Male

  • The role of the lead male requires an actor of age 30 and above
  • The overall look has to be of a nice old boy
  • There are no restrictions based on the height and weight of the actors
  • The applicant must be a confident individual who would feel comfortable and must speak in a southern accent throughout the film
  1. Lead Female

  • The lead female role requires an actress of 24-30 years of age
  • She must be an attractive young woman
  • The actress needs to be a Caucasian
  • She has to be the type of ‘Daisy Duke’ from the Dukes of Hazzard
  • Actresses of any height and weight may apply
  • The actress needs to be able to speak with confidence and also has to have a southern accent throughout the show

The production team is in a hurry for the lead role casting for the film ‘Unintelligent Life’

  • Auditions would take place in Wilmington, NC
  • Auditions would be taken via video which the applicants would submit
  • The audition video would contain the monologue of the applicant’s choice
  • The applicants are to use southern accent during their performance in the audition video
  • Email the video to:
  • The subject line should include your name, your age and your location
  • The audition deadline is March 29th 2016- Tuesday
  • The applicants need to be available for the shooting sessions of the film
  • The dates of shooting are:
  • April 08th 2016
  • April 09th 2016
  • April 10th 2016
  • April 22nd 2016
  • April 23rd 2016
  • April 24th 2016

If you are available on the given dates, are passionate for an acting career and are fit according to the given descriptions, then wait for nothing and apply with your specifications to and be a part of an interesting film with a unique story.

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.


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