If you are kid in NYC who can pull of the look of a kid in 70s then here is a great opportunity for you to act in an upcoming film called “Wonderstruck” by Amazon. The casting directors from GWC are looking to hire children from 9 t0 13 years of age to work as background actors. The children will have to portray kids in 70s. Caucasian girls having medium length hair and Caucasian boys having shaggy hair and African-American with their natural hair are requires. Those who will be cast will have to have particular haircuts. The selected kids will also have to show up for a fitting which will be in Manhattan. The kids will have to work on multiple days most of which will be on weekends though. The filming will begin from the end of May and will continue till June.


Wonderstruck is based upon a children’s novel written by Brian Selznick which is now being made into a motion picture. The Amazon original movie will be starring Julianne Moore and Michelle Williams. The film will be directed by Tod Hayne of “The Wrap”. The story is about two children, Rose and Ben. Both of them are deaf. The intertwined narratives of the two kids switch eras. Ben and his family live in Minnesota. Following the death of his beloved mother in 1977, Ben gets an enigmatic note compels him to leave and run off to New York. On the other hand, in 1927 in New Jersey, Rose is locked up in an old house but she manages to escape and runs off to see her favorite fil actress called Lillian Mayhew. Wonderstruck will be set in two completely different eras.

See the image below as a reference for the looks required for extras.

Casting Call for Kids

  • SAG-AFTRA or NON UNION kids aged 9 till 13 years are required to play 70s kids.

  • The Caucasian lads must have long and shaggy hair. The hair must come till ears.

  • The African-American lads must have either large or small afros.

  • Caucasian girls should have length of any hair length but should not be exceptionally long. Just a little below the shoulders would be fine.

  • African-American girls can have afros, straight hair, natural hair. Girls with braids will also be fine.

Work Dates

  • Saturday 28th May (Non Union Only)

  • Friday 10th June (NON UNION/SAG-AFTRA)

  • Saturday 11th June (NON UNION/SAG-AFTRA)

  • Sunday 12th June (NON UNION/SAG-AFTRA)

  • Thursday 16th June (NON UNION/SAG-AFTRA)

  • Saturday 18th June (NON UNION/SAG-AFTRA)

  • Sunday 19th June (NON UNION/SAG-AFTRA)

  • Saturday 25th June (NON UNION/SAG-AFTRA)

Fitting and haircuts will be done 1 or 2 weeks prior to the shooting dates. Fittings will be done in the Wall Street Areas of Lower Manhattan.

In order to make a submission, send an email to Attach a photo of your child. Label the subject line as “The name of your child, 1970s KIDS, Status of the Union, Phone number).

The body of the email must have the following details necessarily:

  • Availability Saturday 28th May (Non Union Only)

  • Availability Friday 10th June (NON UNION/SAG-AFTRA)

  • Availability Saturday 11th June (NON UNION/SAG-AFTRA)

  • Availability Sunday 12th June (NON UNION/SAG-AFTRA)

  • Availability Thursday 16th June (NON UNION/SAG-AFTRA)

  • Availability Saturday 18th June (NON UNION/SAG-AFTRA)

  • Availability Sunday 19th June (NON UNION/SAG-AFTRA)

  • Availability Saturday 25th June (NON UNION/SAG-AFTRA)

  • Also confirm whether you are okay with having a haircut and alteration if they are necessary

  • Sizes

    • Shoe

    • Clothing

    • Weight

    • Height

  • Nonprofessional photos of the children that show the present look of your child and the hairstyle.

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.


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