About “Antarctica”

Netflix, along with Sony pictures, is all set to produce a joyride for its viewers, and for that, they need a cast. The coming of age comedy series “Antarctica” looks quite promising and is expected to check all the right boxes for a lighthearted comedy series.

The story of “Antarctica” revolves around a young boy named Sam Watts, a teenager with autism. His life isn’t that of a normal teenager of his age and thus he would face some unusual circumstances. His family is a loving cocoon of emotions but is also damaged at the same time; the scars will show in time. Sam Watts is on a mission – he wants to find true love.

But with Sam’s condition, finding true love (which is already a difficult task for most men out there) is very much difficult. Also, it is hard for him to find love in the chaotic environment not at all conducive for love very much, when he is unable to read the social cues and has never even kissed a girl. Sam is also uncomfortable with the physical intimacy which comes with the package, thus making it all the more difficult for him to find what he is geared up for.

The theme of the story would be exploring what it is to be normal and the definition of the very term. It would also dig into the details of the differentiating factors between a normal and an autistic person and how they manage their lives and relationships, more importantly, love. The characters of the series would eventually fall into the theme and would be a part of his journey, be it Sam’s family or acquaintances.

Sam Watts’s unique perspective would be the lens of the camera and the voiceover in the series, giving a whole new meaning to otherwise ‘normal’ things.

The casting directors of the series are looking for the lead role; Sam Watts. Following are the details for the role:

  • Sam would be suffering from autism symptoms which would make it hard for him to lead a normal life
  • Sam would find it difficult to read the non verbal cues and would prefer direct information which could easily be understood by his mind
  • For Sam Watts, the regular world is much of a mystery
  • For him, girls seem to be alien creatures, ones he can’t seem to decipher
  • He is not a mean person or a snob but is so direct and straightforward that he is perceived to be so
  • Sam has a passion for knowledge, especially about Antarctica, and is always ready to fill in anyone who sits beside him on a bus or in a social setting
  • Sam’s disability would, on one hand earn him disdain, but on the other hand he would gain loyalty of the people who know him
  • He has kids who taunt him at his institution but for the cure, he has a loving family who works hard to make him feel at his best
  • Sam would want to leave the nest as he would reach the graduation period and this would lead to an entry in a totally different world than the one he had been comfortable in for so long
  • The age of the applicant must be 18 years
  • The applicant must ensure availability for the shoots
  • The applicant must be comfortable acting the role in depth
  • The submissions would be done online
  • The online auditions would be held by the casting directors; the applicants are supposed to go through the page thoroughly

Get yourself into an experience beyond the normalcy of life and apply if you think you are well suited for the role.

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