Central St. Martins
Friday May 27th at 7pm.

I’m in my 2nd year of a Masters Degree in Performance Design at Central Saint Martins. I am Writing & Directing a new personal performance-piece incorporating physical theatre, dance and projection-mapping and we are now entering the rehearsal stage.

I am looking for creatively committed, reliable performers who would be interested in getting involved in this new work.
This piece is a physical theatre which explores, via choreographed movement, voice, video-mapping, music and lighting, the themes of healing and transformation from past trauma.

A young woman has had traumatic experience – aged 10 – of an earthquake inside a train 20 years ago in rural Japan. She has been diagnosed, as and adult with PSTD. She is stuck, on-stage, in a large moveable cage, which separates her from both herself and from outside world. She distracts herself by escaping from her reality. She meets a child who she slowly comes to realise is a younger version of herself. By entering gently into a movement/dialogue with this child the young woman begins to see her past more clearly she begins to accept who whe has become, who she was and to also slowly see who she might still yet be?

As the performance develops the young woman eventually finds a way out of her cage and begins to be able to reconnect with both the young child, with the other people her world, and eventually…with herself.

We will use both dance, voice, music and video mapping in order to visualise the psychological state of the patient.
This performance requires 6 dancers or actors who represent a broad and diverse community and society at large. The choreography will be organic and uncomplicated. This casting will prioritise those performers who are able to communicate strong emotion in the most physically expressive way.

Although this is production takes place in a University context it has a highly professional aspiration. Each performer who is successfully cast in this production will be paid £200 to cover both rehearsals and the evening of performance. Rehearsals will take place at Central St. Martins, and will begin on the 11th of April, we have 3 hours rehearsal about once a week. Those rehearsal slots marked ** are priority dates since we are able to use actual theatre we’ll eventually perform in during these rehearsals. The nearest station is King’s Cross.

**11th (Mon) 6pm-9pm (Initial meeting with everyone)
18th (Mon) 6pm-9pm
22nd (Fri) 2pm-5pm (Rehearsal in the theatre)
25th (Mon) 6pm-9pm **30th (Sat) 10am-1pm
7th (Sat) 10am-1pm
13th (Fri) 6pm-9pm
18th (Wed) 6pm-9pm extra day in case of delay with work
**24th (Tue) 1pm-4pm (Rehearsal in the theatre)
**27th (Fri) Show at 7:30pm (Tech rehearsal from 5pm)

Please do apply if this material holds a strong meaning for you and if you feel you have a creative contribution to make as a performer.


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