Title: Casting call for short film in Charlotte NC.
Date: 2017-11-25 22:43:29

Casting call for short film in Charlotte NC.


Tracy Adams-Main Character
AA/Female/40-50: Tough, powerful, self-assured, over busy, always dressed like a
million bucks, and a multitasker with a calm demeanor and attorney at top law firm.
Married to Lance.

Lance Adams- Main Character
AA/Male/40/50: Slim but very muscular, easy going demeanor a little timid but strong
when it comes to his family, businessman at a local marketing firm. He loves his wife
and will do anything he can to make her happy.

Lucy- Paralegal
Open ethnicity/Female/25/30: Loud personality, very sneaky demeanor, gossiper, and
does not like many people at the firm. She is jealous of other women in the firm. She is
very close friends with Marie.

Marie Sanchez- Paralegal
Hispanic/Mixed race/Female/25-30: A little timid, very observant, she loves her job and
wishes that she could one day become an attorney but haven’t been able to pass the
bar. Best friends with Lucy.

Terry Hunt- Potential client of the law firm.
Open ethnicity/Female/25-35: Strong personality, dresses very well, educated. Discusses
her family problems with Tracy to seek representation.

James Clarke- Attorney
Open ethnicity/Male/35-50: Tall and slender, aggressive, sharp dresser, and loves all
women. Frequents the bar often to meet women. Meets Tracy at the local bar.

Melvin Smalls- Tracy’s boss.
African American/Male/50/60: Professional, well dressed, and very smart. He has a
good relationship with Tracy. He has been at the firm for 10 years as Senior Partner.

Detective Jones- Detective
Open ethnicity/Male or Female/40-60: Well dressed, authoritative voice and
appearance, very strong personality, does not like to talk “no” for an answer.

Judge Clark- Judge
Open ethnicity/Male or Female/50-60:

EXTRAS: 3 for Detective Jones assistants

4-5 for bar scene

Email: visionspropuctions66@gmail.com


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