Title: Casting Call for Short Film TITLE: Evelyn Savannah, GA
Date: 2018-02-05 23:23:30

Evelyn Short Film

Casting Call for Short Film

TITLE: Evelyn

DIRECTOR: Beppy Gietema

PRODUCERS: Brianna Dance, Corina Juliana, Annie Westmoreland, Lauren Hamm

SYNOPSIS: On an overnight business trip, Evelyn is struck with the bitter reality of menopause. Forced to face her aging body and her decaying marriage, she disregards the cries of a young girl across the hallway in a last effort to indulge her insatiable needs, before later realizing her mistaken desires.

LOCATION: Savannah, GA
UNION: Non-Union
COMPENSATION: Craft, copy and credit in the film

Evelyn- 35-55, female. A well-kept and attractive middle-aged woman struggling with the impending reality of onset menopause, an inescapable sign of her decline. Known for her acidic tongue and her unmatched ability to hold grudges, motherhood becomes a disorienting and hopeless series of failures. Though she feels inadequate within her family, she seeks undeserved acceptance from her husband, who is naturally paternal and nurturing. During her one night stay at a hotel, Evelyn is left alone with scrutinizing reflection and the distraction of an equally lost child across the hallway.

Scarlett- 5-9, female. Annette’s daughter. A precocious girl who desires maternal attention, but is forced to mature quickly due to her disruptive mother. Though she high threshold for patience, once it has been surpassed she is capable of insatiable rage. When Scarlett is locked out of her hotel room, she fights to get back in while her mother seduces a man. Scarlett recognizes the parental protection she craves when Evelyn crudely attacks Scarlett’s mother.

Annette- 25-45, female. Scarlett’s mother. A hot-headed, selfish and irresponsible woman who locks her daughter out of her hotel room so she can have sex.

Christopher- (Voice-over)- 30-55, Evelyn’s husband, a naturally parental and nurturing husband worn out by his wife’s lack of compassion.

Receptionist- (Voice-over)- Has a calm and precise voice. Polished, soothing, dry, straight-forward, they speak with clear diction.

If interested, email Lauren at shortfilmevelyn@gmail.com with a headshot and resume. Thanks!


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