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Great news for people looking to star in a feature film, City Point Films and SB Films are hiring for their upcoming project ‘Adonis’. This feature film is being directed by Curtis James Salt while Andrew Sambuco will be producing the movie. Mike Ciulla is the casting director for Adonis.

Curtis was born in Massachusetts — United States on the 13th of November 1986. He is a great writer and an even better director. Curtis has won several awards for his outstanding directing abilities, which can be seen in some of his major projects like ‘The Reality Behind the Closed Doors’, ‘Trent’, and ‘Mosden’.

‘Adonis’ is actually a remake of a short movie ‘Adonis’ that Curtis James directed back in 2014. Having received an award for the movie, the director plans to remake it, only this time it will be in the form of a feature film, longer and detailed.

Adonis is a story of two twin brothers Pearce Hutchens and Garrett. Both the brothers are committed bodybuilders. It is inevitable that both of them will come to face to face with each other in one competition or the other and fight. Both Garrett and Pearce envy each other and are willing to go to any extreme in order to defeat their sibling.

Andrew Sambuco has given a complete freedom to the actors to improvise through the scenes in order to make them even better. Furthermore, he states that the involvement of actors in adding to the back story will also be crucial for the project. This allows the actors to be more comfortable on set as any positive contribution from them is welcomed.

The constructiveness of this freedom can clearly be seen in the feature film ‘Trent’ where both the SB Films and City Point Films worked together. The scripts were mostly used to grab a concept of the scene while most dialogues were then improvised. Andrew told that over sixty percent of Trent was completely improvised. Curtis James – the director of Adonis plans on taking the same approach this time around.

There are seven roles open for this feature film.

Pearce Hutchens and Garrett

Since both characters are twins, they will be played by one man. However, real life twins are also encouraged to apply for this lead role. The characters are seventeen years old. Garrett is a bodybuilder who ends up third to his brother Pearce. After a tragic turn of events, he ends up losing his physical fitness which he thrives for in order to get back into the upcoming contest. He has ten months to prepare. Garrett does not like coming out of his comfort zone. He is well trained since trained in military, but does not know how to handle his feelings or talk about them.

Pearce on the other hand has already qualified for the pro card but loses it just like his brother. He is a very good dancer and also quite well-known among fitness lovers over the internet. Pearce is the kind of a guy who doesn’t normally trust anyone nor cares about them.

Age: 18+

Notes: Both roles require nudity.


This is a male lead role. Miles is a villain in the story, a socially awkward yet powerful man. Miles is extremely manipulative of people and always tends to get what he wants one way or the other.

Age: 25–50


Helen is a female lead role. She is generally very loving and caring. She finds it very it very hard to trust anyone easily, and even if she does, she fears to show her true emotions. Helen is a dance teacher who has the ability to read what people think due to her wide exposure to the world.

Age: 25–35

Notes: This role requires nudity.


Jack is a supporting role in the movie. It takes time for Jake to realize his sexual preferences but once he does figure them out, he is not to be open about it. He plays rugby and is a protective and loyal person. He is a guy with a happy-go-lucky kind of a nature and has a contagious laugh.

Age: 18–35


Bill is a charming young guy. He is straight and more of a wannabe person. Although he looks nice, Bill is actually a drug dealer and can easily be persuaded by money. He is not normally violent but does not hesitate to change his colors if the time comes. Bill wants to become a great bodybuilder, and also wants to win an Oscar.

Ethnicity: Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, Southeast Asian, South Asian, ethnically ambiguous


Andrew is an insecure person. He is a damaged and a jealous person who does drugs. His worst character trait is that he is not true to what he says or believes. Like a chameleon, Andrew would change his colors whenever he thinks like. He is a gay person who has been addicted to steroids.

Age: 18–30


Mindy is a female supporting character. She is quite blunt with a very good sense of humor.

Age: 25–30

  • All applicants must send their headshots with the application.
  • All ethnicities are encouraged to apply unless mentioned otherwise.
  • Table read will be held in the end of August 2016.
  • Production is expected to start next year in Los Angeles.

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