Title: Casting Call for Waiting Room Short Film. Atlanta, GA
Date: 16 May 2017 10:25 pm

Casting Call for Waiting Room Short Film.

Vid T Yo! Artist is currently accepting video audition for our next short film

“Waiting Room”

Terra finally has it all, a career, a fiancée, and her dream house.

One day she collapses at work and forces herself to see a doctor.

Knowing she has had family members who have died from cancer, Terra now worries that she will receive the devastating news.

While Terra is in the waiting room, she meets Martha, Walt, Joey and his mother Nancy; they befriend her and become a small support system.

With their help, Terra finds the courage to face the possibility of being diagnosed.


Terra Hart – (20s, Any Race) – Terra is a young woman in her twenties.

She is a determined and hard working individual that has a stubborn streak and does not want other people to see her fail or be weak in any way.

When she goes to the doctor, she is afraid because cancer runs in her family and doesn’t want to deal with it alone.

Chelsea – (20s, Any Race) – She is Terra’s best friend.

Chelsea has ambitions when it comes to her friend but also has a somewhat lazy streak where she does not demand perfection in her work.

She is Terra’s main confidante when she has to go to the doctor.

Jack – (20s to 30s, Any Race) – He is Terra’s fiancé.

He is a very understanding person and is there to help Terra get through this tough time.

Receptionist – (30s to 40s, Any Race) –

She is the main receptionist for the doctor.

She has seen many patients enter the doctor’s office.

She knows some of the patients that have died and tries to keep a civil friendship with the regulars.

Martha – (30s to Early 40s, Any Race) – Martha has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

She spent most of her life in a typical 9 to 5 job and with her cancer diagnosis she decided to travel the world.

She has been to most of the European countries and is currently working on traveling to the many Asian countries.

She has a friendship with Walt, Nancy, Joey and some of the other frequent visitors to this waiting room.

Walt – (50s, Any Race) – An older man that has been diagnosed with cancer in his early 30s and went into remission in his mid-30s.

He had a great job, family and social life but cut everyone and everything off when he was diagnosed with cancer.

He has not seen his wife or kids since they left and even though, deep down, he wants to see them he figures its better that he doesn’t. He runs a cancer support ground.

Joey – Joey is a young child that has been diagnosed with Leukemia.

He is still in the sage where he can be cured.

He keeps a bright attitude and does his best to be a strong for his mom.

He keeps himself busty with school and making plans for the future. He looks up to Walt as a role model.

Nancy – (30s, Any Race) – She is the mother of Joey.

She tries her best to treat Joey like a normal child and not allow her fear and sadness about diagnosis to hinder him.

She tries to be strong but still has moments when she breaks down.

Nurse – (Late 20s -30s, Any Race) – The nurse for the doctor’s office.

Filming will take place in early June in the Atlanta area.

Nonpaid project.

If you have any questions or want to audition please submit your headshot and resume to filmwaitingroom@gmail.com


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