Title: CASTING CALL: “Sanctuary” (Non-union, non-paid) Virginia Beach, VA
Date: 9 November 2016 | 5:07 pm

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CASTING CALL: “Sanctuary” (Non-union, non-paid)

A troubled priest finds a fugitive parishioner hiding in the church confession booth. Through this tense encounter, secrets are brought to light and great brokenness is revealed on both sides. Have the actions and the pride of these men taken them past the point of redemption? This film is a Regent University MFA thesis project.

Father Garner (co-lead, 35-50) – a priest with a past who must defuse a dangerous situation while dealing with his own personal guilt

Simon (co-lead, 30-40) – a devout parishioner of Garner’s who has come to hide from the authorities after committing a rash and terrible crime

Policemen (1 minor speaking role, three background roles; 25-50; male or female) – officers alerted to the situation in the church
AUDITIONS: Monday, November 21st from 6:00-9:00pm (Regent University Communications Bldg.)
SHOOTING DATES: January 13-15th, 2017

To audition, please email elizco3@mail.regent.edu and put in the subject line “Audition” and the names of the character(s) you are auditioning for. Sides will be sent in response to those interested in the project. Please attach resume, headshot, and reel to email, if applicable.


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