About the Dancers

The Orlando Magic and Miami Heat are two of Florida’s NBA teams.  Each team has a group of dancers that cheer and dance for their team. The group will consist of women that can dance and perform at all the games throughout the seasons, playoffs and the NBA final games. If you think you are a suitable candidate to be a part of the Miami Heat dance team, apply now for an opportunity to dance for the basketball players!

 Requirements for Casting

  • Females are required for the role of dancing only
  • All dancers should be 18 years old or older
  • The females must have experience in dancing; they should know dance styles such as jazz and hip-hop. If they have experience in tumbling, that’s a plus point, but not a requirement
  • The dancers must all be available and present for each and every stage of the auditions. No exceptions will be accepted
  • You can send in any kind of photo of yourself when you send in your submission. It does not have to be a professional photo as long as the quality is clear enough to show how you recently look
  • Your resume and portfolio must be current and updated
  • You must complete the pre employment screening
  • Please only apply if you are currently living in Florida, or if you are comfortable with moving if you are selected
  • You must have your own depending transportation to appear for rehearsals and auditions, they will not provide any kind of transportation
  • All the dancers that will be selected must be eager to make a full commitment to the job and should be willing to adjust according to the schedules of the NBA teams, which also means attending liberal and community events other than just rehearsals and game nights
  • The auditions will continue for a year, and you must be able to commit, if you think you cannot handle the pressure, please do not apply at all
  • The dancers must be enthusiastic and have a lot of energy in their personalities
  • The dancers must show maturity and professionalism
  • The dancers must be able to stand for the team in a professional manner and should be able to speak well and must be educated
  • The dancers must have team work abilities
  • The dancers must be extremely fit physically and mentally, to perform and dance, and have a good appearance

You must bring your photos of your full body, headshots and dance resumes with you to the audition. The application fee is $25. All the dancers should be available to stay until 8PM for auditions. The dancers will not be performing their own dance routines. Please also bring your own snacks, water bottles, towels and anything else you need to keep yourself fresh and ready for the audition. Dancers will get judged on their appearance, fitness, energy, style, ability, projection and their strength. If you are up for the challenge, then good luck dancers!

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