About the Project

‘Ringfinger’ is a comedy that takes place during a farewell party for one friend in a group of many.

The filming is to take place in both Asheville and Charlotte in North Carolina, and we have mentioned where each role is going to be filmed.

Casting Call for Comedy Feature ‘RingFinger’

Right now, the filmmakers and the casting crew are looking for talented individuals to play the following roles in the feature film ‘Ringfinger’

Adam is Luke’s boyfriend who also works with Carlos. Luke does not know that Adam plans to propose to him the night before they move to Nashville. To play the role of Adam you must be between the ages of 20 – 25 years. There is no restriction of ethnicity.

This role will be filmed in both Ashville and Charlotte.

  • Caitlin (Supporting Cast)

Caitlin is an amateur couple therapist and she has gone on a date with Sam, who is Audrey’s ex boyfriend. They had a great night together, but when she tries to reconnect with him he refuses. They end up at the same party. You must be a female in your early twenties to submit for the role of Caitlin.

This role will be filmed in both Ashville and Charlotte.

Jerry is closest to Carlos, who is Aubrey’s fiancé. He is a very nice guy and is the host of Carlos’ bachelor party. You must be in your late 20s to apply for this role.

This role is to be filmed in Charlotte.

Phil is Caitlin’s friend and is also having marital problems. He is also a bit homophobic and drinks a lot. He is aged between 25 to 30 years.

This role will be filmed in both Ashville and Charlotte.

Jim is muscular and a hot headed person at the party. You have to be in your mid 20s to apply for the role of Jim.

This is to be filmed in Charlotte

Paul is just another nice guy present at the Bachelor party hosted by Jerry.

This role is only to be filmed in Charlotte.

Other Small roles

In addition to the aforementioned roles, there are also a few bit parts that are yet to be cast for the film.


Drew is afraid because he knows that he is going to lose his job because of technological advancement and automation. This role is to be filmed in Asheville.


Gary agrees with Drew’s idea of automation and will have a conversation with Drew. They are always talking whenever Sam wants to talk to them. This role is to be filmed in Asheville.

Older Man

He is an old hippie person who gives advice and wisdom to Audrey. This role is to be filmed in Asheville.


He is a male stripper who is pretending to be a fire marshal. He is concerned about the large crowd at the party. This role is to be filmed in Asheville.

Other Important Details

There will be no payment for any of these roles, but we will compensate you with food, beverages, and a fun experience. This is a great chance to add experience to your resume and advance in your career as an actor.

To apply for ANY role, you should send an email to erosthanatosfilms@gmail.com. In the email, you should also attach:

  • Your Resume
  • Your headshot and full body photo
  • Your Audition reel

For more information, you can visit  http://www.facebook.com/ringfingermovie

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