Performance Type: Acting

Required: Men and women

Location: Pittsburgh

Email/Website: OutsidersTVextras@gmail.com

WGN’s ‘Outsiders‘ is preparing to film in the Pittsburgh area. The casting directors are looking for extras to play small roles in the upcoming scenes. Currently, the directors require men and women from different ethnicities. They are also looking for extras to work as prisoners. Men and women are required for scenes scheduled on June 24 and June 27, whereas extras for prisoners are required for scenes scheduled on July 01, July 05, and July 12.


‘Outsiders’ has already created a lot of sensation among WGN’s fans. Peter Mattei, the award winning writer has scripted the TV series. Mattei is also co-producing the series alongside Paul Giametti, Peter Tolan, and Michael Wimer.

The commercial producers include Tribune Studios and Sony Pictures TV. The TV series is filmed in Pennsylvania but it is a story of a family living in the mountains of Kentucky. Farrells, the family, has their own sets of rules. They have been living in the mountains for around 200 years and did not change their rules through generations.  They are unaware of modern sets of laws, which is why, they cannot choose the modern ways of defending their lands. But their hopes are high!

Details and Requirements

The casting directors are looking for men and women to play the roles of spectators. They also require actors for prison scenes.

Actors for June 24 and June 27

The casting directors are looking for punk-type men and women with tattoos, trendy haircuts, piercings, shaved heads, and such. The actors are required to work as spectators in a fight scene. It would be great if you have already attended some events like boxing, wrestling, and fight clubs. Please make sure to mention it in your email submissions. You can also apply if you are a boxer or wrestler yourself.

Tattoos are compulsory. Tattoos must be visible like arm, neck, and lower back tattoos. The directors will not offer haircuts. Please apply only if you already have trendy haircut or shaved head. Experience is not necessary for this role. But if you have already worked in our Neo-Con scene, filmed last year, then don’t forget to mention it in your submission.

Actors for July 01, 05, and 12

The directors are also looking for people from all ethnicities to work as prisoners in the scenes scheduled on July 01, 05, and 12. Experience is not necessary.

To Apply

  • Required Gender for both: Men and women
  • Required Age for both: 18+
  • Required Ethnicities for both: All

Follow the given guidelines carefully to apply:

  1. You can apply for both roles. Please mention your specific role in the subject line. Write PRISONER for July roles and SPECTATORS for June roles. If you are applying for both roles then mention BOTH in the subject.
  2. Write OUTSIDERSTVEXTRAS@GMAIL.COM in the recipient line.
  3. Attach at least two recent photos including one close up and one full frame. If you are submitting for June roles then send pictures of your tattoos as well.
  4. Write your name, age, address, immediate contact number, height, weight, and relevant experience in the details.

The directors are hoping to see you soon! Only locals of Pittsburgh are encouraged to apply.

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.


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